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Here's What You'll Learn From Passport Fitness:
  •  3 ways to burn fat without exercise 
  •  How to get in the best shape of your life even if you can’t find time to make it to the gym
  •  When it’s ok to drink a full bottle of wine
  •  Why You DON'T need to go to the gym 3x per week to get results
  •  How to get your 20-year-old body back, even if you spend all your time on the road.
  •  2 things to buy at the airport if you’re hungry, but don't want to have a sugar crash later
  •  What food to NEVER order at a nice restaurant
  • How to enjoy a client dinner without paying for it the next day.
  • The secret to never having low energy during meetings by eating this in the morning.
  •  The Truth About The Supplement Industry
  •  How to eliminate 90% of the sugar in your diet
  •  When it’s ok to eat at a drive through.
  •  The Secret to eliminating belly fat with this SPECIFIC type of exercise
  •  Why walking is better than running for fat loss
  •  6 ways to fall asleep anywhere
  •  Where to find the best food to maintain a lean body
  •  How to Eliminate Love Handles Without Dieting
  •  You need a gym to be in shape, right? WRONG
  •  What to NEVER Eat on an Airplane
  •  What you should never order at a client dinner
  •  The Five Secrets to Beating Jet Lag
  •  Why going to the gym is keeping you from getting results. 
  • If All The Ab Exercises You've Ever Done Have Been Utterly Pointless
  •  What to do if you only have 15 minutes of free time per day
  •  When it’s ok to skip breakfast
  •  You can’t eat fast food and stay lean, right? WRONG
  •  10 Proven Strategies to Make Sure you’re getting enough rest.
  •  What to do for exercise if you don’t have a hotel gym
  •  The Secret to Deep and Peaceful Rest All Night
  •  When it’s ok to say no to certain “healthy” foods
  •  Have you been doing your ab exercises wrong?
  •  The Exact Amount of Time You Should Rest Between Sessions
  •  If the Foods That You're Eating Are Sapping Your Energy 
  •  The Exercises You Should Never Do the Day Before You Fly.
  •  What 3 foods to ALWAYS avoid NO MATTER WHAT
  •  The Best Snack to Eliminate Your Cravings
  •  The TRUTH about alcohol and weight loss
  •  What to do if you have a meeting after a red eye flight
  •  Where to find the best hotels for getting great workouts
  •  Why not eating breakfast can be the healthiest diet.
  •  RUNNERS – what are the 3 best hotels to say at to make sure you hit your miles?
  • Why Getting Less Than Seven Hours of Sleep Is Killing Your Hormones
  • The Best Pre Flight Stretch Routine
What Is Passport Fitness About?
New Book reveals how to create a lifestyle that reduces fat and increases metabolism without spending hours in the gym!
Dear Friend,
If you want to look better than you did in your 20s, but recent work travel has kept you from working out regularly, then this this is the most important book you’ll ever read.  

If you’re interested in an extremely effective way of structuring your existing lifestyle that creates rapid results and makes it easy to maintain them even with a difficult job, family life, or cross country work trips, it’s very important that you read this.

But first a warning:

Yes, you're just paying shipping for this book, which is CHEAP. There’s a catch though. I’ve helped people lose thousands of pounds, but real results require real follow through and doing the hard work. This isn’t a magic pill that will allow you to get results while browsing Instagram and eating cinnamon rolls.

With that said…

You’re getting a book that’s unlike anything you’ve ever read. You’re getting my battle tested methods for getting in the best shape of your life using specific principles to maximize your time instead of trying to fit your busy schedule into a “1 size fits all” fitness and nutrition routine.

Nowhere in this book will you hear anything about “eating six meals per day”, “endless cardio”, or unnecessary deprivation of things you love…


This is about more than just losing fat. I’ve used these same strategies to prepare for races, fix nagging aches and pains, and help high performing executives and athletes around the globe shed fat and gain unlimited confidence.

"Passport Fitness is a breath of fresh air in a stagnant fitness echo chamber. The info is great, but honestly....you'll laugh your a$$ off reading it."

YES.  That’s a lot of great information. 

But it gets better because you’re also getting a separate PDF with all the workouts, training guides, and travel packing list that are scattered throughout the book. I pulled them all out and made it into a short, portable, eBook for you, so that you don’t have to look through the full book to find the information you need. 

In this PDF, you’ll see the workouts that I used while traveling for a full year to get in better shape than I’ve ever been in before.

Each exercise is linked to a video, so you don’t have to look up the exercise – simply click the link and you’ll be taken to a short video of me explaining exactly what you need to do.

I’ve also researched extensively the best travel gear, including neck pillows, headphones, water bottles and clothes, so you don’t need to do any research yourself.

Everything is streamlined to make it as easy as possible for you to get results without the additional headache of making your own lists, finding your own training program, or doing your own research.

Here’s what to do next:
The cost of the book is 7.95, and I'll ship it out to you ASAP


I know that’s a low price for everything you’re getting, and you’re probably wondering if there’s some sort of catch. A lot of unscrupulous fitness companies will put you on a monthly subscription that activates after a month or so.


This isn’t anything like that, you’ll be getting the downloadable book, as well as the Training Travel and Packing guide for the price I told you. No catch, no problem.

Will this work for you? 

Yes. Absolutey. Without a Doubt..

Why do I know that's true?

Because I've taken hundreds of people just like you through this program, with life-changing results.

I'm not a "goo-roo", I'm a regular guy just like you, but I've applied these principles thousands of times and taught other people to do the same.

If you're still not sure, see my guarantee below. 

 HURRY! This Offer Only Available for the Next 15 Minutes!
 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
Nate is the next generation of trainer in his ability to adapt to his clients at any level and any goal. His knowledge base keeps growing because he continues improving at his craft. 
He’s a great trainer,  a great author, and his sense of humor makes fitness fun again.

-Carson K. Former Army Ranger
If you need a laugh, read this book. If you need encouragement, read this book. If you need to know you aren't the only one, read this book.  If you think that being healthy while traveling is only for those who are already healthy, read this book. And lastly, if you would like the "secrets" of health and wellness in our sensationalist culture to be demystified, like I did, read this book. And enjoy. 

-Lauren L.  Full Time Business Traveler
My happiness with my new job became frustration as I felt my health decline because I didn't think I had time to be healthy while traveling two weeks out of the month. Passport Fitness made it easy to make small changes to get into the shape I wanted to be in - and maintain it easily.

-Charles D.  American Airlines Elite Status
Praise for Passport Fitness
Like ALL my clients say, the information contained in this book will work for you because it makes simple tweaks to everyday life that create massive change.


It costs me about 10 bucks per book to print, ship, and advertise them, so this is NOT my best money-making idea I've ever had.

Why Would I Do Something Like That?

Because I believe that this book is so awesome, and you’ll get so much out of it that you’ll want to work with me in the future! I honestly believe that when the time comes that you need some extra help with your fitness or your nutrition, you’ll give ME a call.

Because I only printed off 100 of these books, when they're gone they're gone!

GET READY, because this book also comes backed by the BOLDEST guarantee in the world.

I guarantee that if you don’t like this book or see results from using the principles, I will give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked. You keep the book, the PDF Packing Guide, and your money.

How’s that for fair?

This is truly a limited time offer so claim now before it’s done.

P.S. If you just skipped right to the end (I do that), here’s the deal:

Click “Send My Free Copy”, and I’ll send you out my bestselling book Passport Fitness for only 7.95, which contains all the information you need to change your body, eliminate belly fat, and keep it off forever with an on the go lifestyle.

I’ll also email you my Training and Packing Guide, which contains all the programs from the book along with a packing list for staying in shape on the road – anywhere in the world.

I’ll also give you 100% of your money back – no questions asked – If you’re the least bit dissatisfied with the book, the information, or my picture on the back cover.

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